Catch the crew of Hard Merchandise and other Gloucester fishermen in NatGeo's show Wicked Tuna, Sundays 10P et

Hard Merchandise heading out to fish.

F/V Hard Merchandise

We are the Wickedest Boat Out There

Welcome to the website of the F/V Hard Merchandise and Angelica Fisheries!

We are one of Gloucester’s traditional, old school, commercial fishing vessels, working year round to feed the nation.

We are proud to be featured as part of the National Geographic Channel’s show “Wicked Tuna.” We think we are the wickedest tuna boat out there.

Traditionally we have fished groundfish; cod, haddock and pollack, year round commercially, as well as Giant Bluefin Tuna during the late summer/fall seasons. During a few months of the summer we make the boat available for limited specialty charters for hire. Contact us via email for more details and/or information on the charter packages available at any given time of the year and be sure to check the Charters page on this website.

The F/V Hard Merchandise is a 38ft Danielshead solid fiberglass Novi boat which may not be fast and fancy but we are efficient and we do catch fish. We at Angelica Fisheries think the Hard Merchandise is the bomb just as she is.

the Captain and his First Mate

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