Selected FV Hard Merchandise gear available at these local retailers:

NEW! Buy a print of the painting of the Hard Merchandise crew on the Falcon by renowned artist Ken Knowles.

76B Essex Ave, Gloucester, MA

1 Harbor Loop, Gloucester, MA

81 Rocky Neck Ave, Gloucester, MA

104 Commercial Street, Fort Point Wharf, Gloucester, MA

Business Partners, Friends, and Interests

A wicked awesome show featuring Hard Merchandise alongside other fishermen of Gloucester. Special thanks to Nat Geo and Pilgrim Productions who if it wasn't for them all this wicked great fun wouldn't be possible.

The reel of choice aboard the Hard Merchandise.

BamFlouroFishing line that offers excellent abrasion resistance and strength combined with superior invisibility, developed specifically for offshore fishing. Visit BAMFluoro™ and enter promo code HM617 for a discount!

Favorite fishing knives for FV Hard Merchandise 2016.

Favorite fishing and outdoor clothing for Capt Dave, Capt. Joe and Mate Jason for 2016.

And the rod of choice on the Hard Merchandise.

These coolers are wicked tough and strong and look great on the Hard Merch. They are actually Certified Bear Proof! (That usually isn't an issue where we use 'em!) "Wildly Stronger! Keep ice longer!"

For bookings or private appearances with Captain Marciano

Angelica Fisheries and Hard Merchandise logos by Rocco Capano of

Specialists in Custom Fishing Rods

The oldest continuously operating marine railway in the USA and home to our vessel.

Visiting Gloucester for that Charter you booked? We recommend staying here.

More places to stay when coming for a charter with Captain Marciano

An indispensible resource for us!

Helping us spot fish

Captain Dave has been patronizing Al's for ages

Helping us keep the Hard Merchandise in the water

Cape Pond Ice is where Hard Merchandise stocks up on, y'know, ICE

Learn more about this fantastic creature that we hunt

The worlds strongest handcrafted custom big game tackle

Has been a good friend to the FV Hard Merch and family for a long time. Hard Merch Nanc loves loves loves her Punchbowls!

Capt Marciano appreciates this High Performance Gear. MeanieCristini recommends the Vaporteck LS Blue Camo to everyone!

A handy little addition to your fishing gear